14 April

the day : today is a bad day. I have never been so slack for the whole of my life. sigh… days are numbered. anima mentioned, yes, i still have roughly a month and a bit to do all my things, and whatever i wish to do, by the time school starts… as my thoughts flow, this is what came into my mind, this comes from a song, ?? by ??…. :

A direct translation would be...

I wish I could be the angel you loved in the fairy tale, transforming my outstretched hands into wings, protecting you.

night : this night. Still listening to ?? by ??, wonder why the song is so sentimental… maybe its this line…


You cried, telling me, the fairy tale is a lie, and it is never possible for me to be the prince in the story…

recollections : recollections of time and sentimental events. such a silly person i am. trying to be one that could never be replace that another person in someone else’s heart. what am i trying to do? i think i’m getting insane… sigh… well, like always, i would envy these resolutions…


You must believe, believe that we will become what of in the fairy tale, a happy ending…

Hmm, with these, I will be signing off, lyrics are all rights reserved by their owners, not me.

Medrio Xylenus

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  1. You will only reach a happy ending, if u wish and try for it, it will not come on its own.

    Is you alone who is in charge of your own life, it’s up to you if you want a happy or a sad story.

    I hope you find the will to go after your happy one.

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