Okay. Summing up the last year… (actually more on the last few days of the year too)

Okay. my mood now is in kind of a jumbled up feeling, thus this post, i don’t know how long it will be and how short it may seem to be to describe a “whole” year kind of thing.

Regarding ramblings, i guess i have nothing much to grumble and ramble about, since there’s nothing much i really looked forward to in this whole year, other than moving on, and trying to forget some times that has passed. It may seem to come back again, but well, what’s over is over, and i’ll not step backwards, unless there’s an absolute necessary.

About “Her”, i don’t know how many hers’ am i looking at, or talking about. I realised that i have moved on, but more like crushing on another, and another… what am i thinking :/, but guess ’07 will be a new start, so yeah. oh, looks like a previous of the “her” found another mate, hope the mate will treausure her more than what i did, and that she has a little more tolerance probably…

thoughts and personal spaces! ok. nothing

WoW. err. with the insane amount of lag i can’t do anything, so ya. screw it. i paid for the dumb wow subscription and forget to cancel it. starhub jiayou >_>;

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