????? (hime no tanjoubi, princess’s birthday)

lol, that’s what showed up on my phone at 0730… alarm… birthday girl.. heh. her birthday. my ex, that is.. funny why i never really got bothered by it, nevertheless that i rememberred the old times again. i can’t forget this day of year 2006 man.. the day i broke a promise. though i don’t know how many times how many promises i broken that i have made, “serious” ones or not.

forgetting her present :/, partly cause of out of funds anyway, oh well, then i hadn’t played WoW yet, so blah.  anyway i feel quite badfor missing that and breaking my promise, this year, i wish her a happy 18th birthday and wish that she does well in her exams ^_^. not to forget though,

i wish for success in her future endeavours and may her relationship be fufilling ^^.


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