I think the title is kinda stale, wonder how many times I actually used this same title for a long time.

I feel that I should continue to just be myself and see how everything turns out. So tired of trying to meet expectations when actually there’s just so many other things I should be concerned about.

Now that the year 2013 is drawing to a close, I feel that I should spend just a little time trying to figure what really I have gone through.

2013 I must say, is kind of a breakthrough in my life, starting new chapters in different parts of my life.

Drowning in work after graduation really seem horrible but since I’ve chosen this path I should just accept it and move on.

People come and go, sometimes I feel that I’ve neglected quite a few friends as much as well, I probably don’t really exist in their lives anyway. Thus I should always remember that cherishing whatever is given to me and always be generous in whatever I should give out.

Hope 2014, will stop bringing the jester moments, every time I relive his stories I think a part of me has just died inside. Less jester, more fun.

Till when I remember to drop another post.


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