recollections, 4am, 4 April.

Recollections : sigh. a blog at 4am. this is really a quiet time to recall whatever has happened… let’s see… in the afternoon, i went to my uncle’s house, it was my grandma’s birthday. well, nice but boring day, imagine sharing 5 notebooks, 1 desktop and 1 PDA worth of bandwdth leeching on a 512kbps line. poor line 😀 well, msn was clogged, with kaoru, her, and dodo on messenger. then came the most boring part, i had to stay till around 0150HRs then i can go home, yeah, seems pathetic and sad. sigh, she should be waking up at around 0600. wonder if i can stay up till then… haha. pushing my luck i guess… my my… this really sucks. hope i will be blogging later.. missing days of blogs. i am so guilty…

Secrets : people keep secrets. how i wonder, why secrets are so hard to keep, not allowing other parties to probe into them, not allowing people to find them. i wonder, what secrets do i have? have i not bared my soul fully to anyone? guess not… i will never forget those vivid memories… sigh… how i wish i could be like before, 500 rope skippings wont cause any exhausation, 1.6km run i would barely pass, and now its so pathetic… sigh… how many times have a hurt a person… i wonder.. rather, it will remain in me, never to be revealed. why? i don’t know, it is me, therefore this is who i am.


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