2nd emo night ?

bored. school sucks. kind of boring days looking ahead. nothing to look out for, i kind of seem too bored.

i think i need to stop thinking crazily, my life is at such a chaotic mode, probably i feel bloody emo or what hehz. school work at a mess, thinking that i will finish some stuffs but yet i know i really have to try so hard to. keep recalling memories.. with only one real past memory to really think of, it’s kind of really sad, i kind of get attached to the number 11..

now i am in my room doing absolutely nothing, that’s pretty much why i feel so bored and such, can’t be helped eh, in this room where i really have nothing to do… thinking about past, i don’t really feel the hurt, more like why i didn’t treasure it or something, i didn’t cherish the whole relationship, cause i gave up near the end of it, kind of wondering why i did that.. wasn’t it so near so 1st year? sigh… duno whether like its wasted or something.

sigh. done sketches.. blabla… prolly gonna do another sketch and or what lol..

that’s it for now, i guess


taken from subs from Sola OP,

In the nostalgic wind, the illusion showed me all the memories that we had built up back then
I won’t forget someone’s voice, resounds painfully and trembles in this feeling of a beginning..

look forward and stop thinking about the past? hopefully…

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