tick tock

looks like time has really passed and we see a new year of 2013, so here i am trying to do a little update of what has happened throughout the “disappearance”.

so many things happened and i finally get to learn even more things, now that many things are drawing to a close, i guess it’s time to close up some things properly as well. as i should not keep dragging, i would have to keep moving.

cleaning up will need to be done! in the past year i have been dragging myself kind of aimlessly. looks like i found a few goals, i should start working towards them and stop thinking about things that will slow me or drag me down.

the previous year and till now so far, i guess it’s still quite manageable, i probably never really needed to come over here to make an update to show how down i was, isn’t it quite a good thing. of course i realized that some things just pretty much won’t work out at all.

looks like as my academic life draws to a close for now soon, i should have more things to look forward to.

taiwan, europe, and back to reality.


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