2 april :D

awakening : hmm, seems like awakening has been part of my blog for a long time, blah, today woke cause of a sms to my phone, the beep was so loud, yeah, woke me.. haha. seems its around 10 plus in the morning… quite early i guess… mew…

afternoon : watched a few anime episodes. sigh, only remembered tsukuyomi ~moon phase~’s episode. haha. it’s so funny, about the lil girl called Hazuki ^_^ (yes she’s a vampire). dependancy i guess…

night : hmm, seems like i got so bored, got onto msn and talked to her using the audio feature. haha, i don’t have to be afraid of my bill being burst again. meep ^_^

thoughts of the day

Dependancy. I feel that in all ways, we depend a bit too much on another person. that makes you quite terrible, without the person to guide you along or be there, it seems there’s no meaning to anything. quite sad huh? well well, i got posted to Singapore Polytechnic. Hope my life gets better there and I become more sociable. hard to do, but I shall try my best, after all, i can’t rely too much on anyone. i live because of someone? nah, not what i should be thinking now i guess… ne ne… something learnt ^_^. valuable or not? I wonder. If it’s not valuable, it wont be remembered much, if it does, it should remain in me, forever…

Signing off,
Medrio Xylenus
The otaku at home.

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