April Fools Day

awakening : bah, woke at 0509, and woke her up by calling her, haha. morning call, it seems. i was still in a dreamy mood. haha, she woke up earlier, it seems. blah, dreamy dreamy mood, talking about crap lol, and in the end we talked for an hour x.x!! ( There goes 60 minutes off my free 100 outgoing anytime minutes )

afternoon : the afternoon was so boring… nothing to do, etc etc… meh.. just music and all…

night : wee, RO with alot of people, met lots of people, like, Kaoru’s and his newly wedded wife, haha, the wife turned into a sage cause kaoru persuaded her to do so. what a “family” well well, late night x.x! Time to sleep. oh no, waits for missed call.


Medrio Xylenus

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