Thoughts and whatnot

I would always think hard about the things I wanted to achieve, and this round I really don’t want to lose.

I realised that even with a slightly better advantage, what drags me down is the ability to commit and the amount of time I actually have.

Of course time management isn’t that difficult, just that I procrastinate too much to make things to fruition.

Instead of questioning would I succeed this round,I guess it is safe to say that moving on is a better option or choice I should make.

Because, I think I deserve better. If I don’t change, I’ll always be in this same place, thinking about how other things could have been done.

Clipped wings shall be undone, and the caught bird was freed. The bird took to the skies, disappearing into the horizon.

The jester looked at it fly away, picked up those balls that have been left behind for so long, stated juggling and practiced for his next show.

Thinking back, at least the jester had tried his best, to keep one that doesn’t want to be kept yet.

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