A story of the jester

Just as the jester walked along the path , he saw these beautiful little flowers by the roadside, he stopped and actually took a closer look.

Alas, curiosity. The alluring scent caused him to decide to fall asleep on this bed of flowers, almost forgetting that the jester actually has more things to do!

Such a pity, a gentleman walked past and waved over to him, telling the jester that he shouldn’t fall in there, since the jester belongs in the circus, not in the bed of flowers.

Moreover, there were pins and needles and everything sharp that would injure the jester if he actually flips around in his sleep.

In this instant, the gentleman thought of an idea, picking up his umbrella, he bent towards the jester and gave a smack on the jester’s head.

No reaction. It seems like the jester is really sound asleep. The gentleman gives up and walked on along.

Evening came, the jester was roused from his sleep by drops of rain. Shocked, he realised that he actually had slept for a very very long time. Quickly, the jester hopped to his feet, and moved on down the pathway, though he stepped on quite a few nails and pins.

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