March 28

recallations : yesterday, acro had a minor error, and had a rollback of 18 hours, and experience has been upped to 150% for 18 odd hours. sounds terrible huh? but well, its a “learning” experience XD…

awakening : woke at 10++, played abit of acRO and went for lunch. lunch was so boring, vegetables and rice, didnt get any meat, heh, cause i saw that all of them are fried, blah, stupid vendors.

afternoon : this afternoon was quite funny, with nothing to do, i called her and talked crap for nearly an hour, with recallations, suddenly felt that march 25 doesnt hurt anymore. well, one must really get hold on oneself, or will be sucked to whatever not.

night : night, from what i know, the night is where peace is, when my parents go to sleep and everyone does, its the best time for me to blog, pour my thoughts, or whatever not in this blog. Seems great, isn’t it? well well, this is about all for today… … *waits for a missed call*

Feeling sad is never a option, rather, it’s a choice. On how you decide to live your day is how the surroundings treat you. Music, the mood, and the atmosphere. Music is a great example, play sad songs and when you listen to the melody, the lyrics, you’ll feel sad. the mood is the best thing that represent your day, get pissed and think about it, oh, how stupid could you be?

My blog, fun and joy is like the miracle of a post, till now, its still sadness and boredom. to those who are here and read this, thanks alot. appreciated. without you all, i dunno, i may be dead.. haha

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