second day before april

awakening: today’s peace isn’t broken by those birds outside the windows, rather, by my mum, announcing to the whole world (rather, just me) that the aircon repair person is here. dug up by her, i woke at around 0915 and found out that today is a very stupid day. with nothing to do, i ended up guessing the combination for the lock for my sister’s notebook. great huh? failing the normal combinations, i decided to do it the hard way, what’s 1000 combinations worth when i have another 10~ hours to spend?

later on: i got the combination!! 167 woohoo, that took me like ~5 minutes worth of effort, and my reward, the rest of the day till she comes back, i have the notebook… haha… then i started to crap online, played some RO on it, terrific quality, bah. my current com sucks, so, hehe.

afternoon: the afternoon is a super boring one. on the irc for a few hours, helped nutcase bot sweep, and online for the botters to die, caught a funny bot, but screwed him when he died. sad huh XD

night: tonight is the most crappiest night ever. she said she gonna sleep, thus i hung up the phone =x. then watched the stupid television, i wonder, how long haven’t i watched the television. man man, i missed the television. yay, thats all for tonight, ah, here is the missed call…

This world contains something called bewildered. i can talk to her so normally yet she said no on 25 march. ahaha.. what crap is this!! whatever, i got to call back, no life lectures for today XD…

Signing out,
Medrio Xylenus

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