oh well, i thought about it for a few hours and realised, should i even start chasing her? or should i stop thinking about her and focus on my school, in which should be like much more important i guess, however so, fact is, i still think of her… probably i should just give up totally…

oh. chalet. something i must definitely type about lol. the past few days i was at a chalet, and well, it’s with the apostles community, more and more of us are attending chalets i guess, even one of us from Shanghai came here, and another one from KL, heh. sounds fun eh… most of the time we are slacking around, but drinking games are really the best games i guess, first night with WATER, then second night with alcohol, while third night is new year, so yeah, just beer. i think that’s my first hangover heh. feel really lousy on the day after that, luckily its time to go…

chalet… oh well, there’s my ex and her “new” boyfriend, not knowing how long she’s with him though, probably a month or so i guess, looking at the boyfriend being pulled around for a brief moment, i somehow kind of looked at myself then, but now with a different PoV, memories? doubt will ever be dug up again, keeping her 2 bottles worth of her “love” then really sounds meaningless, however still in my room, just kept in a drawer.. there’s still her err .. something bozu.. that keeps off the rain, no matter how much my dad destroyed it it’s still there. what i truely hope for her, would be that she will be more patient and less snappy, and stop throwing tantrums… i don’t know, feeling concerned and all, but no longer harboring any feelings. just concerned like for a friend? obviously i still kept the broken necklace she broke, i remembered my heart cried that night and it went more or less dead, towards her… that’s why i feel very upset, have i hurt her? to destroy something worth of such a value… but well, too bad then, whatever’s over is over. i promised myself to forget about her and move on, i can’t believe i actually did lol.. i think?

next i realised that i like hugs :/, after reading lots of blogs.. hugs are like.. warmth… i miss them… alot heh.. sigh.. aircon blowing hard >.>; 25 deg and i can’t be bothered to actually switch it down…

– weiloong

081001 (just some notes i’m jotting down)


  1. keeping things on hold is easier said than done though. i mean you’ve been through it before. it’s far easier to just go after her and if she says no, move on or something. at least you won’t have to think agonisingly over the what-ifs.

    but then again, don’t take my words for it. i’m no better. heh.

  2. don’t know leh. abit bored of whatever i should do. relationships is becoming a tiring thing after a while… probably decide to keep things on hold till my life settles down again..

  3. i like hugs too.

    anyway, just go after lor. if she rejects you, then so be it. if not, what have you lost and what have you gained?

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